Who is Shinkokiki

The resistance welding electrode is the parts to the nearest position of a mother workpiece and carry the heat energy directly.
The arc feeding tip is the most nearest parts to the arc. As our supplied parts have [ the most effective power] to the welding quality, we are trying our best by day and night for the mission to support [ the quality era] with all our staff members of united one group.

* As a basis of registered welding electrode specialized maker, we have developed to all-in-one system of design, production, sales by our own company.
Receltly, we are targeting the general maker of welding electrode related maker including arc related products.
* We are purchasing the materials from the reliable copper alloy makers who are leading companies in the fields.. And with these guaranteed copper alloy materials and our cultivated long years’ sufficient experience  are manufacturing by  the process at all-in-one way  how to make the best products and  with the estalished quality control system in order to meet our customer’s [ the quality era] .
* In the arc related fields, we are developing production, sales for the parts , products for the maintain and improvement for wire feeding system, wire power supply system and gas shielded system.
* We are supplying over hundred of thousands products until now to comply with the needs of about 3,000 companies in the automobile industries and the electric machinery industries etc.
We have gained more than 100 numbers of intellectual properties from the world regarding to patent, new design for practical use, trademark and international patent.


■ Substantiality of technical support. The key word is [technology transfer].

* For your more favorable  application of our products by your company, we have prepared the technical support system by our specialized staffs . We are supplying the [technology transfer] to our customers through  a advice direct to your pruduction site for mutual discution lecture.
* In the [ resistance welding engineering ] , it is implementation by [ evaluation and advice by check sheet ] and also [ mutual discussion lecture in your company] .
* In the [ arc welding engineering ],  it is implementation the checking of actual welding site process, proposal of [ reason and how to solve] , and also  through mutual technical discussion.
Specially, as a part of how to decrease of spatter and [ evaluation of contact tip ] , the engineering advice by [ welding wave shape measurement ] has been adopted .
It is our pleasure if you use them in your [ transfer of welding technology ] !

■ Sales and direct proposal to the actual production site.  Order made products by your own design is welcomed

* As a [ customer’s satisfactin ] is first pripriority , all staff members of our sales are persuing to achieve the how to solve problems with our customer’s production site and accumulation of  power as a specialist for welding matters to be able to propose  the solution method to the customers.
Corresponging to [ satisfaction of customer ] .

* As a principle policy, we are keeping the [ triangle direct connection system ] , that is to say, direct purchaseing , direct processing ,  direct sales.

* In the [ direct sales ], our sales man is visiting our customer’s production site and making face to face discussin for the solution of inferior welded products by his own measurement and sketch with slide calipers etc.
Your practical use is highly appreciated !

Corresponding to [ order made products ] is welcomed.  Your practical use is highly appreciated !

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