Corporate Profile

May, 1974 We have established  in May 11,1974 No.36-13 Sakomae-Cho,Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya-City, so as to meet the strong request of automobile industry,  precision mechanical industry , electricity industry and welding industry , .as a main puropose for the development of various automatic equipment. meet
December, 1976 We have concluded a license agreement with Messrs Toyota Motor Corporation of “Nut automatic feeding equipment.
December, 1977 We have cocluded a license agreement with Messrs Toyota Motor Corporation for a air cooling electrode.
August, 1979 We have concluded a license agreement with Messrs Nagao Seisakusho for a Nut automatic feeding equipment.
September, 1988 Established DENKYOKU Co., Ltd. With Capital 30 Million yen
Set up electrode processing factory (Midori-Ku, Nagoya-City)
July, 1990 Established FEEDER SYSTEM Co., Ltd. with Capital 10 million yen (Nishi-Ku, Nagoya-City)
Established WEL Co., Ltd. With Capital 20 Million yen
November,1992 Set up Kyushu Sales Office (Tosu-City, Saga Pref.)
April, 1993 Set up Kanagawa Sales Office (Yamato-City, Kanagawa Pref.)
April, 1997 Transferred Head Office ( Nishi-Ku, Nagoys-City, Aichi Pref.)
February, 2001 Set up Koriyama Sales Office (Koriyama-City, Fukushima Pref.)
April Set up Hamamatu Sales Office (Hamamatu-City Shizuoka Pref.)
October Set up Okazaki Sales Office (Okazaki-City, Shizuoka Pref.)
September, 2002 Set up Shiga Sales Office (Koga-City, Shiga Pref.)
September, 2003 Set up Developing Center (Nagoya-City, Aichi Pref.)
February, 2004 Set up Nagoya Sales Office (Nagoya-City, Aichi Pref.)
April Established P & C Co., Ltd. With Capital 40 Million Yen
Set up Seki Factory (Seki-City,Gifu Pref.) Started Contact Tip by own factory.
September Set up Hiroshima Sales Office (Hiroshima-City, Hiroshima Pref.)
May, 2005 Set up Kyushu Miyata Sales Office (Kurate-Gun, Kyushu Pref.)
Increaded Capital to 80 Millon yen
July Set up Sayama Sales Office (Kawagoe-City, Saitama Pref.)
September Transferred Hiroshima Sales Office (Aki-Gun, Hiroshima-City)
October Started Technical Support for [ Contact Tip Evaliation ]
February, 2006 Started Sales of Cap Tip Automatic Dressing Equipment [Cappy]
May Started Sales of Cap Tip Automatic Changing Equipment [ Tip Changer ]
June Set up Iga Sales Office (Iga-City, Mie Pref.)
October Set up Nakatsu Sales Office (Nakatsu-City, Kyushu Pref.)
November New Establishment of Nakatsu Factory (Nakatsu-City, Ooita Pref.)
Started Sales of Nut & Bolt Welding Inferior Detection Equipment [ Nut & Bolt PC Tester]
March,2007 Established SHINKO WEL-TEC SERCIVE Co.,Ltd., (Thailand) with Capital 20 Million yen
May Transferred Kouga Sales Office (Kouga-City, Shiga Pref.)
July New Establishment of Okazaki Factory (Okazaki-City, Aichi Pref.)
January, 2008 Introduced Caravan Car
April Exhibited Osaka Welding Show
August Establised Matrix Japan with Capital 3 Million yen


Elimination and consolidation of Maoka Sales Office, Isezaki Sales Office, Ibari Sales Office, Toyoda Kita Sales Office, Kagamihara Sales Office, Kikukawa Sales Office, Otowa Sales Office, Takahama Sales Office, Fuji Sales Office, Kurashiki Sales Office to Nearest Sales Office respectively.
January Started technical Support for [ Arc Welding Waveform Measurement ]
March Set up Kuwana Laboratory ( Induced Arc Robot )
April, 2010 Established SHINKOSHO (Guangzhou City , China) with Capital 18 Million yen


Eliination and consolidation of Oogaki Sales Office, Toyohashi Sales Office, Kariya Sales Office, Oota Sales Office, Komaki Sales Office, Komagene Factory to thenearest Sales Office and Factory
May, 2011 Started Sales of Gas Economising [Regula System]
November Expanding user activity TQM (Total Quality Management)
June, 2012 Set up Ichinoseki Liason Office ( Ichinoseki-City, Iwate Pref.)

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